March 6, 2017





Passion for Hair

Staying true to its mission, to “Develop, Manufacture and Commercialize Top-Quality Professional Cosmetics for the Beauty of Hair”, leading Italian hair brand, Medavita has maintain its steadfast vocation of providing the best services by offering a wide range of products from scalp, hair, professional hair coloring and styling for the past 45 years in the Trichology industry.

A pioneer in the field of phytocosmetics, Medavita’s formulas comprise of vegetal extracts and are manufactured using advanced technology, with maximum guarantees of hygiene and safety for the user, with great respect for the environment.

In 1963, their historic anti-hair loss treatment, Lotion Concentrée, found widespread success in Italy and subsequently all around the world.

Medavita believes that the hairdresser is the one who gives the product its voice, transforming technology and creative potential into emotion and beauty.

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